Size: 9x18x21

Material: porcelain

Klaasje is an old Dutch maiden name and a reference to Sint Nicholas.

The name Klaasje is a combination of the Dutch word for clog (klomp) and little vase (vaasje). Around the 5th of December, the Dutch traditionally celebrate Sint Nicholas. Children will put a wooden shoe near a window or fire place and fill their clog with hay and carrots for Sint Nicholas’ horse to eat.

The older generation in the Netherlands used their material economically,  they hung their old wooden shoes on the wall filled with geraniums and other garden plants. So the shoes were designed a second life.

Clogs are actually rarely used as footwear nowadays, but there are still a lot of wooden shoes sold as souvenirs. It is not really comfortable to walk in wooden shoes, they feel stiff and rigid because of the use of wood. By no means a woman will consider clogs as “feminine”.

To give them a more feminine look, these clogs with a relief from lace.

The transparency of the porcelain provides a tender aspect when this clog is used as a wall lamp. Additionally, you can see the lace relief which creates a soft look.

The wall vase is a tribute to our older generation who used their material economically at home. It hangs like they just come from the store and were used as a vase right away: tied together by a rope.