Chain mugs

Chain mugs

Size:  H = 8,5 cm

Ø = 7,5 cm

Material: ceramic

Shiny glazed from red to blue

Ears: white gold lusterware

32 mugs in total.

At that time I only had male colleagues at work, and during the meetings a coffee lady wearing a white starched apron brought our coffee. I tend to held my breath when I heard the “rattling” cart, she always amazed me in the elegant way she pushed the cart over the threshold without any cup falling off. The cart was always packed! Unfortunately, there was little appreciation for her job, no one thanked her for the coffee, in fact, they didn’t even notice her. I often wondered what she was thinking and whether she enjoyed her job or not.  I made this necklace especially for her; it is worn around her neck, just like a huge “ballast”.

If the mugs hang underneath each other, problems related to lack of space and stacking will be solved. Drying is history, if they hang underneath each other they will dry naturally. The ears, alternately open or closed chained, will create a chain necklace and the mugs are its ‘beads’.